On tattoos.

Tattoos are the ultimate in personalization. Ultimate as in ‘last’. As in they ‘last’ forever.

And that’s not a bad thing, necessarily. But there are three criteria you must meet:

1) It’s got to be good. And what defines a good tattoo? Hard to say. But we can easily define a bad one. Let’s start with these:

  • Nothing in a language you don’t speak
  • Nothing tribal unless you are part of an actual tribe
  • Nothing that’s already in the artist’s book. This is supposed to be unique, right?

2) Location, location, location. Here’s how your tattoo translates, by body part:

  • Lower back: “I honestly did not think this would get me labeled as ‘easy.'”
  • Ankle/Upper arm: “I’m badass, and you will learn this at the company picnic.”
  • Neck: “I do not want this job.”

3) Realize that a tattoo is a social contract to always keep yourself in peak physical condition. Even the best ink loses its luster on your pale, flabby arm. It’s a fine line between edgy and ugly, my friend.

But what is my point? Why is someone who will never see the inside of a tattoo parlor doling out advice? I’ll tell you why. As an excuse to post this:

Yippee Kay Yay

Yippee Kay Yay

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